How can DP&C® help my company?
DP&C® can create a customized business case with an execution and cash flow plan that ties technology with current operations, resulting in a favorable return on investment for the client.

Can DP&C® implement its recommended solutions?
DP&C® can serve as project manager for implementation and execution, ensuring the project is completed within the defined scope, time and cost constraints as outlined in the plan. And because the DP&C® team also serves as Supply Chain Consultants, Design Engineers, Hardware/Software Installers and Technology Integration Specialists, we are well-suited to address most project modifications without significant delay, outside counsel or additional expense.

Will DP&C® Solutions and Technologies overload my staff, who are already stretched to their limits with daily tasks and events?
DP&C® can recommend technologies and solutions that work with existing processes and equipment to enhance capability, efficiency and profitability. Or, we can recommend a full system redesign, and provide integration as well as training to help ensure seamless operations.

How do I sort through the variety of technologies to find the best one for my company's needs?
DP&C® is a leader in sourcing and applying 21st century telematics and global positioning technologies to supply chain equipment and processes. Our team can help you decide how best to marry these technologies to software packages, processes and equipment for enhanced real-time visibility into your supply chain.

How can I better leverage my ERP system to generate better performance?
DP&C® provides system integration expertise that connects information systems with new technologies as process improvements are made. This creates a stronger, more capable organization while getting more value out of the company's enterprise system.

How do I find the funding for operational improvement projects?
DP&C® will justify the improvement project with the client by engaging in a series of interviews with key associates, analyzing transaction and financial data, and applying over a century of combined experience to the opportunity.

Can DP&C® help my company secure state funding to help defer some of the capital expense?
DP&C® has had success securing state funding for various client projects. Contact us to discuss how we may help your company achieve this.